Easy HomeGrow w/MediMJmama: TRANSPLANTING Clones

Episode 3: When you bring clones home, put them under grow lights for about 24 hours. Why? Acclimation time is needed for these babies which are delicate at clone stage. During this time, be sure to keep the cannabis clones moist but don’t drown them in water. Rule of your developing green thumb: let them feel dry (or light-weight) before you water.) EG-ist nite home - 2 (1)

BEFORE transplanting into the pot that will take them to harvest – or a pot that will help them develop a sturdy root ball – the goal in any crop planting-home growers need to research soil and nutrients. In our first grow, we used a great soil that is so full of goodness, we did not add nutrients until flowering time. In our 2nd grow, a consultant (one of many) encouraged us to add nutrients during the veg state-not right away because the soil we use  is loaded with goodness-but he did encourage us to add nutrients after a few weeks  & once the nutrient level in the soil decreases. That made sense.

Visuals in this episode showcase the soil we use and the pots. Note the pots have holes-man made. easy growBUCKET - 2 (2)Airpots have a great reputation. We bought them for the first grow but didn’t want to invest again when we began the 2nd grow, (they’re not cheap). If during your research you agree that aerating the soil as your plants grow is beneficial, you can make your own airpots by simply punching holes in containers you can buy at any gardening section and/or supply store. However, it does require muscle.

MediMJmama recommends GrowWeedEasy as an online resource. Here’s a good piece delineating the pros/cons of several pots.  

We like the idea of airpots but for this grow, we mixed it up. PDPotStuff likes to save money so they came up with this homemade version of airpots. If you are handy, this is easy to DIY and a lot cheaper than airpots.  These are 2 gallon. Do they make a difference?  PDPotStuff’s top guy, a landscape architect, studied the root balls of harvested plants grown in airpots and those grown in regular black gardening pots of the same size & with drainage in the bottom, (5 gallon pots). His conclusion? Insignificant difference in root ball quality.


MediMJmama loves FOXFarms soil. As you can see from their site, the Medicino company been selling to the cannabis industry for a long time. It’s a bit more pricy-a few dollars-but highly recommended from growers we know who are not totally organic farming their garden. Organic farmers make their own soil that starts with composting….maybe someday…

This first pot size MediMJmama is using for this grow is 2 gallon, (photo below).  By about week 7 they will be transplanted into the permanent home, five gallon airpots, which mediMJmama likes. If your space is limited and you want to grow in 2 gallon pots, go right ahead.  The difference at harvest will be in volume;  medicinal quality is not determined by pot size.





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