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EasyHomeGrow Series w/MediMJmama

Clones or Seeds? Episode 2

California Home Growers, you have a decision to make: clones or seeds. Let MediMJMama advise you. Until you reap one harvest, we suggest clones. The difference between seeds and clones are many, too many to detail here.  Several  big time growers use seeds for various reasons. If you’d like to know the difference, clicking here will take you to the GrowWeedEasy site (one of our faves) for an introductory lesson.

MediaMJMama’s thumb  for gardening only turned green as we began to grow cannabis. We killed everything else mostly because, after a while, we got bored. Cannabis doesn’t bore. Clones, one reason why. From the second you bring your adopted girls home, they need your care. There’s no waiting for seeds to germinate, hoping they’ll germinate etc, your clones grow up right before your eyes.

Here’s what they looked like on June 17th when we brought them home, such sweet baby girls @ clone age and every age. Really. You will fall in love if you grow this medicinal. It’s quite common for growers to ‘go over the moon’ for these plants.

Clones are not easy to find but worth the hunt. We suggest joining Leafly or Weedmaps, both sites are cannabis information leaders in California and all legal states. We have visited a few clone shops, though they tend to ‘come & go.’  Cloneville in LA is a mainstay, there for 20 years? I think the owner said. When you enter a California clone shop, you’ll likely see many of these on tabletops with lights over each container. You will 1st register, prescription plus drivers license, before entering the ‘nursery’ and being advised. Listen to the clone tender-they know SO much more than you do.


For comparison, we took this photo on 8/2/2016; the girls were 7 + weeks & growing like the good weed they really are.

easy grow -sunset photo8-1-16- (26)

In the next installment, the mediMJMama team transplants our fast growing clones to the first of two homes they will reside in till harvest, two gallon pots.

Stay tuned!

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