I haven’t been posting as frequently as I thought I might. Just four postings, counting this one, in just under a year. But… as anybody who tries to carve out a writing life, while holding down a day job, and life happening all around without permission, these little flashes of inspiration become few and far between.

And yes, I do know I should be editing pages for my monthly writer’s group meeting, but I had something drop into my feeds today that got my mind a spinning.

NASA is hosting a State of NASA Day, and recruiting Social Media types to report it out. I’ve been hooked on NASA and our space programs since I was that seven-year-old kid laying on the floor, chin propped up, watching Armstrong and Aldrin step off the LEM into Sea of Tranquility, July 17, 1969.

I’ll be the first to confess I’m not a Twitter King, or Facebook Diva, and I don’t have thousands of followers, but if you don’t ask you can’t get told no. So, I asked.

As a writer, who focuses primarily on near future and/or alternate history SciFi, the chance to spend a day touring a NASA Facility, in my case I’m hoping for Armstrong at Edwards AFB, is mind candy. “Participants will get a unique behind the scenes look at the respective center and the diverse work of the agency through tours and presentations with scientists, engineers, and managers.” A chance to visit hangars that held shuttles or X-Project aircraft is just too enticing not to take a shot.

Maybe they’ll see this and take pity on this middle-aged space geek. Who knows. It sure it would be a way to burn a vacation day and share their #StateOfNASA.

Okay, back to editing.